The Bangsbo area

Bangsbo is an ideal destination for an excursion. The area contains magnificent countryside, historic buildings, culture, gastronomy, peace and tranquillity, vantage points, running paths, a nature playground, wildlife and botanic attractions.

In the southern outskirts of Frederikshavn lies an oasis consisting of the estate at Herregården Bangsbo surrounded by beautiful countryside and several different attractions. The point of departure is the old manor house, Bangsbo Hovedgård, the moats of which run down to the stream of Bangsbo å, which meanders throughout the whole area. The estate contains Bangsbo Museum, which has a collection celebrating the history of seafaring, Det Jydske Modstandsmuseum, which celebrates the resistance movement during the Second World War, and the Ellingå ship.

Bangsbo is a popular destination for both local citizens and tourists.

Botanical Gardens

The gardens around Bangsbo are inspired by English horticultural tradition. The gardens include a rose garden with fragrance tunnel, alpine garden and a rhododendron park. The stream of Bangsbo Å meanders through the area. In the small teahouse in the garden you can enjoy a cup of coffee that you can bring with you. Behind the buildings in which the plants are grown there’s a herb garden with a sensory and scented garden featuring Braille on the information signs.

At the beginning of June every year a Flower Festival is held at the botanical gardens.

Get close to the animals

Whether you’re an animal lover or more interested in botany, and regardless of whether you’re a child or a grown-up, the deer park at Bangsbo is a great place to spend some time. Under the crowns of the trees you can go running on the marked paths and observe the wild deer, squirrels and the red slugs. In the deer park there are several places where you can eat your packed lunch, in addition to which there’s a fantastic nature playground in the park.

Hiking and running at Bangsbo

The Bangsbo area is great whatever the time of year. Here there are great opportunities to hike in the area or go for a run on one of the marked paths in the forest. The footpath of Dronningestien is really well worth a visit. From the top of the hills at Pikkerbakken you can enjoy the view of the town and then head south past Niels Juel’s Cannons and Bangsbo Fort. In good visibility you can see the bay of Ålbækbugt all the way up to Skagen. Sæby lies to the south and to the east you may be lucky enough to see Læsø peeking up out of the Kattegat.

Bangsbo is also the starting point for the 8-km long path, Kongestien, which takes you past 60 burial mounds from the Iron Age.

At the edge of the area is the forest of Vandværksskoven, a lovely deciduous forest with a lake and the observation tower at Cloostårnet, from which you can enjoy the view some 160 m above sea level.










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Museums – well worth a visit

Bangsbo Museum og Arkiv

In the area you’ll find the old manor house, Bangsbo Hovedgaard, and at the top of the hills of Pikkerbakken you’ll also find Bangsbo Fort – also known as Niels Juel’s Cannons, which is an enormous bunker area constructed by the Germans during the Second World War. You can go down into the bunkers and an exciting museum tells the story of Denmark during the German occupation.

Bangsbo for children

Naturlegeplads i Bangsbo

On a hilltop in the deer park – close to Bangsbo Museum – you’ll find the most delightful nature playground which stimulates your imagination and encourages physical exertion in a playful manner. You can use the fire hut to make pancakes or twistbread. 

Boolsens Stenhave

Boolsens stenhave i Bangsbo

This delightful garden of stones was established by author Johannes Boolsen (1895-1985), who collected stones in his own garden. The majority of the stones are from Vendsyssel and represent various types of  utility stones – from ancient grinding slabs through Medieval baptismal fonts to modern-day millstones and mooring bollards.

What else can you do in the Bangsbo area?