Råbjerg Mile

This impressive scenery of the migrating dune is an obvious destination for an excursion.

The dune was formed on the west coast in the 16th century during the great sand drift which dominated the landscape until this century. The tracks left by the dune can be seen back to Raabjerg Stene (The stones of Raabjerg).

The dune moves eastward towards the forest at a rate of 15 metres a year.

Raabjerg Mile can be reached form Kandestedvej and on bike from Vestkyststien (The westcoast route).

Raabjerg stene can be reached by the footpath from Raabjerg Church.

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Råbjerg Mile
9990 Skagen


+45 72543000


  • Facilities

    • Ranger-guided tours
    • Coach park
  • Type

    • Dune area
    • Hills



Longitude : 10.4059114
Latitude : 57.6481856